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Travel trips for staying safe during the Corona Virus Outbreak

Read on for tips on how to travel smart and safe amidst the Corona Virus outbreak.  

TSA Pre-check and Global Entry

If you are interested in spending less time in line when travelling, know your options.  TSA Pre-check and Global Entry will minimize line time significantly.  

Do you have the right identification to travel?

Requirements for identification during travel is changing in October 2020.  Make sure that your identification is acceptable.  

Coastal Norway and the Northern Lights

Norway is a country in Scandinavia that is home to mountains, glaciers and coastal fjords.  In an expedition to see the Northern Lights, Kim Bourke led a group who recently cruised up the Norwegian coast to have this once in a lifetime experience. 

Cook Islands: A slice of paradise

Looking for a bit of paradise?  Consider the Cook Islands.  

5 Myths About Using a Travel Agent

People often ask us, "who actually uses a travel agency these days?"  The answer is simple - travellers who know the benefits and want their trip to go smoothly.  Here are five things you may not know or may not have realized.

Club Med: An All Inclusive Vacation

Club Med is truly as relaxing as they say it is.  You can do as much or as little as you choose. 

Incredible Orca Experience

The Puget Sound provides the most amazing opportunity for observing Orcas in the wild.  

The Breathtaking Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest.  Miles of breathtaking coast line is home to multiple little towns with diverse personalities.  

New Orleans and An Amazing Cruise

Mardi Gras followed by a relaxing cruise.



Liverpool had a reputation for being the blue collar city where the Beatles were born and raised.  A blog on a recent Liverpool trip and Beatles tour.


Cruising was something my husband introduced to me and I quickly became a fan.

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