5 Myths About Using a Travel Agent

Myth 1: It’s easier to book travel plans online.

Even though the internet makes it really easy to book a trip, a travel agent has more experience and resources than you would find on your own. In fact, using a travel agent is usually easier than self-booking because you don’t have to stress about researching every detail.

Myth 2: The internet always provides the best deals.

Fact: You can get good deals online, but your travel agent has exclusive deals you can’t find elsewhere. Additionally, you don’t have to waste your time tracking prices on a daily basis. Travel agents can do that work for you!

Myth 3: Travel agents are too expensive.

Any fees associated with using a travel agent are pretty low. It may even be discounted or waived once you book, depending on the agency. Keep in mind that booking online usually has a built in booking fee anyway. (Check out a past receipt and you’re sure to see a booking fee listed!)

Myth 4: Travelers don’t need a professional to give them advice.

You may be able to have a smooth trip without any help, but a travel agent can save you from making simple mistakes. They know tricks like which transportation is the easiest to use or where you should go for the best views.

Myth 5: If something goes wrong on the trip, you don’t need any assistance.

You’re probably capable of handling mishaps on your own, but a travel agent can have your back in these scenarios. For example, if you have a flight cancellation and need to get on another flight, your travel agent can negotiate for you, giving you a better shot at fixing the issue faster. If you purchased travel protection, they can help start a claim on your behalf while you deal with the situation.

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