I am a traveler and I have done it in many ways – renting a car and driving around Ireland, backpacking around Europe, flying into all inclusive resorts and cruising.  Cruising was something my husband introduced to me and I quickly became a fan.  We have done many trips all over the world, all on a larger line.  I hear many objections to cruising, but I have found that it is a great way to see the world without the hassle.

One thing I love about cruising is that you get to see a little of a lot.  I am a firm believer that I can always go back and see more.  Having a day in each port gives me a flavor of the area which sometimes allows me to check it off my list forever.  In other cases, it gives me a drive to get back to the area and spend a lot more time.  For some places, a day is all you need.  Take Alaska – the towns are small and easily seen in one day.  If you really want to go deep into the state, some cruises offer on land options where you can spend a night or two in one certain area to see more. 

Another thing I love is the ease of travel.  Once you arrive at the ship, you have no more travel hassles.  You don’t have to change hotel rooms, pack or unpack, find your way around or find good food.  While you can eat in the port to experience local fare, you can also eat on the ship where you know the food will be top quality.  If you have a child who is a picky eater, like I do, the latter is a huge benefit. 

There are several different cruise lines that cater to different types of travelers.  Some lines are extremely family friendly, while other lines are more adult centered.  The larger ships tend to have more broad reaching activities such as zip lining, water slides and movies on deck. The smaller ships offer more specialized travel with less on board amenities, but the food is more gourmet and passengers tend to mingle with each other a bit more.  When it comes to cruising, there is truly something for everyone.

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