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We are more than happy to help assist and answer any questions we can.  There are questions we probably hear much more often than others.  Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions.  Please take a look at the list below and if your particular question is not answered, always feel free to contact us!

Agents are your vacation advocates.  Booking yourself is fine as long as nothing goes wrong and how often does that happen?  Not only will agents have access to all the great deals you do, their connections will most likely be able to offer you something even better.  Agents have the expertise to help you prepare for everything and if something does go wrong, they are there to help you through it. 
Bourke Travel does not charge a fee for travel by cruise, package or tour.  We charge a nominal fee if the client is only booking airline tickets.  The fee is nominal and well worth it, given all that can go awry during airline travel.  If we book your tickets, we handle any issues that may arise, such as lost luggage, flight delays or flight cancellations.  We are upfront about any fees, so feel free to inquire. 
Bourke Travel has a 24 hour help line for after hours emergencies.  One of the benefits to using Bourke Travel is that we won’t leave you stranded. 
We know you could probably book your own cruise – but why would you? Bourke Travel can get you the same price as your online source and provide you with superior personalized serviced… We have access to insider group pricing offering bonuses such as ship board credits, special amenities and more. Allow us to make your trip more relaxing and special.
Ultimately, it is up to you, however, we strongly suggest it. No matter how healthy you or other family members may be, the unexpected can happen. In that event, are you content to lose money? Trip protection helps you recover some of those losses and also protects you during the course of your vacation, should something happen while you are on it. Policies are offered by most tour operators and there are also independent companies offering policies you buy direct from them. The plans can vary some in terms of coverage, so it's important to review conditions and policies carefully to find one that meets your needs.
Absolutely~   Our groups specialists can leverage purchasing power to secure low fares, lock in rates so everyone gets the same low price, offer delayed ticketing, and manage complex itineraries. Sports teams, special interest groups or large families – call us to help you today.  

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