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I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service you and your people provided us on our adventure. Your commitment to look after us is unparalleled in the industry, and we constantly sing your praises to others.

- Darin

This is day 4 of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. My trip got off to a rough start when my luggage did not arrive with me in Madrid. It took 3 days to retrieve. It would have been lost forever if not for Kim Bourke who has more power than the United Nations and Congress in these matters, I am serious!

- Ann Marie

Thank you for being so “Johnny on the spot” in helping us out with ticketing! You are a true travel angel!

- Owen

Kim Bourke – You are definitely a travel Black Belt! Thank you so much for accompanying us with your daughter. Your presence to iron out any bumps made the trip so much more enjoyable for all of us.

- Master G

The owner of Bourke travel is probably one of the most diligent and hardworking agents in the area. If you go to her seeking travel advice, she will give you more than what you asked for.  Just do not come across as a know it all or someone who did their homework by checking every single travel website then ask her to match what you found.   If you want your vacation to be as worry free as possible, then go to Bourke Travel.


I have been using Bourke Travel for the last four years to book business and personal travel. Kim and her staff have always been available to book trips, make changes in itineraries, etc, and provide the best travel advice I have ever received. They are always diligent and courteous.

- Jim J.

I have used Bourke Travel for several years and would never go to any other agency. They are small friendly hands on company.  They know their clients and have always gone out of their way to accommodate my family. I have been stuck in snow and thunder storms and they called my cell number when I was stuck on the plane, they protected on another flight, so I did not have to overnight in Chicago all of this was at 8:00pm Seattle time. The owner is extremely well traveled and has walked me through many of vacations.  Bourke Travel is one of the few travel agencies that will work with our miles.  I would call the staff, “Travel Gods!”

- Sharon S.

I recently planned a trip to Europe and received excellent service from Bourke Travel. It’s nice to deal with a company where you can talk to a real person, one willing to spend the time to figure out and support my needs. I had some last minute changes and Bourke handled everything. I’ll be using Bourke again.

- Bob

My wife and I have worked with Kim Bourke on two outstanding trips (so far). Last year we went to Paris and Egypt, the latter included a Nile river cruise and all connections from SeaTac and was just fabulous. There were absolutely NO hitches of any kind and we had Ph.D. archaeologists for our tour guides, air-conditioned van transport to/from the various sites. This year we took all 4 adult kids with us on trip to Iceland and Amsterdam and had equally good service and experience. Kim knows the business and got us good prices and great trips. Would recommend her to anyone.

- John B.

Kim has been our family’s travel agent for ten years. She and her colleagues have saved us from countless airline Snafus at home and abroad (most recently a daughter stranded at the Beijing airport). Kim knows the great hotels from the dodgy ones (whether in Oslo or Marrakesh). And she has been outstanding in terms finding deals we would never find ourselves. I joined a medium sized company two years ago, and after exposure to Kim and her colleagues, the rest of my colleagues demanded that Kim become our corporate travel agent. She is just the best.

- Jeff B.

We just want to thank you for putting together a fabulous trip for us on such short notice.  All of the arrangements and transfers went without a hitch.  All of the locals agreed that we were seeing the best parts of the south island.  Thank you, again, for booking our big, exciting New Zealand Adventure!

- Ray & Kathy

Kim and her team are fantastic to work with! We booked a trip to Ireland and Italy for 3 weeks with our family of 4. We received this awesome binder that held all our reservations and tickets. Kim's selection from hotels to tour guides were terrific. We never had one problem with any reservations. Kim also gave us a emergency phone number, just in case we need her and walked us step by step thru our trip before we went. We will be booking all our trips through Bourke Travel from now on.

- Laura K.

Thank you for a great trip. I enjoyed it so much - Norway is beautiful!  You guys did such a great job of putting everything together and keeping 37 people happy and involved.

- Pam

I want to thank you for your help and advice since we landed in the USA. You clearly went above and beyond for us.  I am no good at math but after around 55 hours of travel we are so happy to be headed home sweet home! Thank you again, so much, for moving mountains today. HOME STRETCH!




- Colleen, University Head Softball Coach

Just when I was going to go through my computer and start printing out the information from our emails, I received this amazing bound copy of our itinerary and receipts and vouchers. 

I am really impressed! Thanks so much for the extraordinarily high level of service. I am really looking forward to this trip and am supremely grateful for your heavy lifting in the planning. 



- Dina

Bourke travel gets a 10/10. Super accommodating, missed no details, they are incredibly honest and so much fun. A company with the highest integrity! 

- Legacy Tae Kwon Do

Kim-  The packet you put together in coordination with Theresa was 110% phenomenal! From pickup, air travel, coordination of travel to the National Cemetery, hotel, cruise -- everything was so well planned and seamless.   

- Mrs. B

Thank you so much for the fantastic trip. Everything you set up went fabulously and we were so pleased! 

The only hiccup we had was on the very last day with a late flight, which no one could predict. 

But that is a testament to how beautifully you put everything together. Lot's of complicated moving parts and pieces! 

I am SO GLAD I called you. Such good memories and I now have a real appreciation for where my brother lives and what he does. Which is a big deal!


Thanks again!


- J and Family

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service you and your people provided us on our adventure. Your commitment to look after us is unparalleled in the industry, and we constantly sing your praises to others.

- Darin from Seattle

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